Electrification Leadership Council

The Mission

Driving the electric vehicle industry forward through the deployment of EVs in a well-defined, well-prepared local market program that can be replicated on a national scale.

The Strategy

Putting commercial EVs to work in a local market where an EV Ecosystem is created to ensure that the vehicles, infrastructure and the full network of support services and technologies arrive together for a comprehensive EV deployment solution.

The Council

Leading the way to a real-world EV deployment solution. This group of top executives from blue-chip companies is getting things done by creating a comprehensive solution for the deployment of EVs.

The EV Ecosystem

Allows all components of the EV supply chain and infrastructure to interact with vehicle operators in a concentrated geographic area to optimize the deployment of EVs and includes:

  • Vehicle Pricing and Availability
  • Vehicle Financing and Insurance
  • Fleet Operators
  • Battery Range and Pricing
  • Parts Availability and Support
  • Vehicle Mechanics
  • First Responders
  • Electrical Grid
  • Energy Storage Devices
  • Charging Stations
  • Government and Regulatory Support
  • HOV and Parking Incentives
  • Public Awareness and Acceptance

The Members

  • A123 Systems
  • Automatiks
  • Azure Dynamics
  • CODA Automotive
  • ECOtality
  • FedEx Express
  • GE Capital
  • Hertz
  • Navistar
  • NextEra Energy
  • Representatives from National, State and Local Agencies